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Gerald is available to meet your event planning needs by becoming your next keynote speaker or presenter at your conference, institution, corporate event, and civic program. He has traveled extensively throughout North America, motivating thousands to achieve their life’s goals. Whether conducting training workshops, teaching leadership seminars, or giving dynamic motivational messages, Gerald Jones is inspiring people from all walks of life through the power of public speaking.

“You were not born to quit, instead, you were created to FINISH.”
-Dr. Gerald Jones


Dr. Gerald Jones, your finish coach, will inspire you to complete your unfinished work. Whether you need a boost individually or corporately, Gerald will guide you in the right direction through his transformative and practical approach. Gerald has inspired, lead, and mentored many for over 20 years. His thought-provoking talks, delivered in an engaging and innovative style, energizes people to complete both short-term and long-term goals.


Gerald has authored two books, Together On One Accord & Speak Those Things.

These materials have motivated thousands on their success journey.

Keynotes / Workshops

Championing Adversity: Teaching Leaders How To Deal With The Challenges Of Life

When life disrupts your plans, how do you handle the situation? Do you allow adversity to get the best of you? Do you have strategies to help you turn CHALLENGES into VICTORY? This motivational workshop will offer you real life solutions, for your real life problems. Join MOTIVATIONAL Speaker & Author Gerald Jones as he reveals powerful secrets achieved in his own life, and provides you with a plan on how you too can deal with life’s challenges.

Championing Diversity

TRUE OR FALSE: Human Diversity is about race and ethnicity? The answer is FALSE! During this interactive and thought-provoking workshop, false beliefs on diversity will be shattered, and your team will be introduced to many profound dimensions of diversity. Participants will learn about the many dimensions of diversity, and their knowledge will be shifted to succeed in a rapidly-growing global marketplace. At the conclusion of this program, participants will understand the role diversity awareness plays in community building, and gain tools designed to help them become effective leaders of tomorrow

Championing Leadership: Maximizing Your Leadership Potential

This motivational program will bring leaders back to the roots of leadership. Designed to inspire beyond the moment, this program will teach participants leadership principles that will assist in catapulting success in every aspect of their lives. Participants will leave with a rejuvenated sense of purpose, direction, and empowerment to apply towards making the most out of their responsibilities as an effective leader. Topics discussed are: Leading By Example, Proactive Leadership and Leadership Presence.

Championing Change

Are you experiencing organizational change? If so, this training is for you! The process of implementing workforce change is not always a simple one. It could be challenging for all involve. In this workshop, Gerald offers participants a guide to help aid them as they learn to adapt intelligently and strategically while the change process is implemented.

Other topics include:

    • Effective Communication
    • Launching and Completing Goals
    • Civic Engagement
    • Trust
    • Cultural Awareness
    • Motivational Speaking

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